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Morgan Freeman: Movie Pirates Have Tiny, Useless Penises

Over the years anti-piracy PSAs haven't enjoyed a great reception, with many ending up as objects of ridicule. Nevertheless, next year it appears Hollywood will have another shot. Who knows whether the PSAs will be successful but leaked scripts seen by TorrentFreak are both hilarious and controversial.

Pirate Bay Downloaders Trolled By Movie Director’s Shaven Balls

One of the oldest tricks in the file-sharing world is to relabel material as something else in order to annoy downloaders. While many tactics have been tried over the years the one just employed by a Norwegian movie director has to go down as the most outrageous yet. Those downloading…

Buying The DVD: Unhelpful And Unethical

These last few years P2Pers have got used to TV entertainment 'our way': unfucked, de-loused, delivered efficiently in economical, good-looking codecs. Because we rarely turn it on, it's been easy to forget just how cynical, unsatisfying and downright venal television, as a distribution medium, has become.

Filmmaker: MPAA Is a Censorship Group, Go Torrent!

Responding to a question asking what film directors think when people torrent their work, filmmaker Heather Ferreira responded with an unusual tirade against the MPAA. According to her, the movie industry group is a censorship outfit that restricts the creative freedom of filmmakers. As such, the MPAA is hurting the…

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