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Biohazard Bassist Blasts BitTorrent

The bassist and vocalist of the band Biohazard says that people who 'steal' media by downloading it are "scumbags" and you better know that if he catches you doing it, he will happily "kick the shit out of you". But the real problem, he says, are BitTorrent sites.

One in Four Australians Are ‘Cheap’ Movie Pirates

A new research report commissioned by the Australian copyright group IPAF reveals that one in four Australians pirate movies and TV-shows on a regular basis. According to the report many of these file-sharers deliberately break the law simply because they want to enjoy media without paying for it. In addition,…

EU Commissioner: Digital Natives See Piracy As ‘Sexy’

EU Commissioner for Telecoms and Media Viviane Reding has joined the debate over Internet piracy. Yesterday she stated that both sides of the conflict are right but their inability to see things from the other's perspective is holding back progress. In the meantime, she says, piracy is seen by many…

Filmmaker: MPAA Is a Censorship Group, Go Torrent!

Responding to a question asking what film directors think when people torrent their work, filmmaker Heather Ferreira responded with an unusual tirade against the MPAA. According to her, the movie industry group is a censorship outfit that restricts the creative freedom of filmmakers. As such, the MPAA is hurting the…

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