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PayPal Bans BitTorrent Friendly Hosting Provider PRQ

PRQ, the infamous ISP created by Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm of The Pirate Bay, has been nuked by PayPal. After a fruitful partnership lasting three years, PayPal decided to ruin their relationship with the so-called "bullet-proof" hoster by freezing the company's funds for up to 180 days. On PayPal's…

FBI Seizes Domains of Pirate Android App Websites

After torrent sites and streaming portals, U.S. authorities have now taken down three websites offering pirated Android apps. The FBI operation, which also involved police from France and the Netherlands, is the first to incorporate domain name seizure of sites offering mobile apps. It is unclear at this point whether…

UFC Set To Beat Up Internet Pirates, RIAA-Style

In December 2009, Ultimate Fighting Championship CEO Lorenzo Fertitta testified at a hearing of the US House Judiciary Committee, claiming that the UFC is losing millions to online piracy. Now, in an RIAA-style escalation, the company says it will not only start suing sites, but also individual downloaders.

Busted Android Store Founder to Crowdfund Battle Against U.S. Govt

In 2012, a trio of Android-focused websites were seized by the Department of Justice. The teenage admin of one, Applanet, was subjected to a raid by heavily armed agents and now faces an uncertain future. An Indiegogo campaign launched by his friends and sanctioned by his legal team now hopes…

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